Rebo Press Joins The Indie Publishers Collab PH (TIPC-PH)

The tasks of writing and publishing are enormous, to say the least. In the time of the pandemic, the threat of COVID-19 in the country has all but slaughtered the hopes of small presses to get ahead of the dwindling economy.

Collective action has always been more effective than individualist strategies, and this is why Rebo Press Book Publishing (RPBP) has joined hands with other indie outfits, small presses, and independent publishers to promote independent literature in the Philippines.

Before independent presses organized and fought for their right to be read and heard, the literary landscape of the Philippines was dominated by largely populist publications from equally populist, corporate-owned publishing houses.

It is now high time for indie presses to become more visible, as alternative sources of books and other reading materials. The uphill battle is now somewhat easier with coalitions like The Indie Publishers Collab PH (TIPC-PH). RPBP proudly promotes other independent outfits, who, like us, share similar aspirations and dreams for the reading culture and communities of the Philippines.

The Indie Publishers Collab-PH is a local independent publishing collective in the Philippines who shares similar aspirations in improving the literary landscape. (IMAGE | TIPC-PH)

For more updates, please follow, like share the following groups in the TIPC-PH collab!


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