Jehrubi Anne Villamin


Jehrubi Anne Villamin is a campus journalist, writer, watercolor artist and book illustrator. She became an active administrator of KADLiT: Katipunan ng Alternatibong Dibuho, Liriko, at Titik; where she spearheaded the production of bu[g]bog, a collection of poetry, prose, and images. Jehrubi was also one of the exhibitors at the National Book Development Board’s Book Fiesta in Intramuros, Manila, in 2018. She hand-painted notebooks, stickers, postcards, and performed custom calligraphy for guests. Her art zine Pagtingin was also exhibited at the Saranggola Blog Awards 2018. Jeh is also the leading illustrator for Metamorposis, the debut megazine of KADLiT. After her long break from the arts, Jehrubi returns to create poignant illustrations for Revolt Magazine.